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Outside The Guild
Outside the Gulid.

Screenshots from Atari ST/Falcon Version.
ADV is a Computer role playing game for the Atari ST/Falcon
PC owners should check out Chalice if the Dwarf Lords (ADVPC)

ADV is For the Atari ST/Falcon 513Kb, just download & unzip.
ADV includes Site Maker. have a look at the Readme.txt if your interested. and Keys.txt

Adv.prg, SiteMkr.prg, Edit.prg, Edit32.prg, Pshape.prg
all run under Atari ST Emulators for the PC.
that can be found at several sites on the Internet.

Click here to DownLoad 493Kb Updated 09/04/98 includes all the latest files required to play ADV
or Download the latest Adv.prg ziped to 83Kb Updated 09/04/98
Adv.prg just includes the latest 'Adv.Prg' Version 1.01

ADV Readme.txt Updated 10/June/12
ADV Keys.txt Updated 23/March/98
Site Maker Doc's Updated 26/March/98

Frying Tonight
Frying Tonight.