Desert Eagle Left deadlyassets Desert Eagle Right
ADVenture (C) 1992-2009
By D.R. Pemberton
Concept: D.R. Pemberton
Programming: D.R. Pemberton, STFM Sound Routine: C. Midgely
Graphics: D.R. Pemberton
Sound: D.R. Pemberton
Voices:-D.R Pemberton, Alex, Dorzi, Mark, Vi


Joypad,Joystick & Key UP
Joypad,Joystick & Key Down
Joypad,Joystick & Key Left
Joypad,Joystick & Key Right

Key JoyPad Mouse
Attack ' ' 'A' 'RHB'
Bow 'F' 'B'
Get 'G' '1'
Drop 'D' '2'
Use 'U' '4'
Inventory'I' '5'
Open 'O' '7'
Rest 'R' '8'
Spell 'S' '*'
SAVE '*' '#'
SPELLS '1-9''OPTION'+'1-9'
Select 'C' 'LMB'

Select may also be selected by choosing the corasponding Icon with the mouse pointer 'LMB' or Joypad 'C'

Play Testers:- Alex, Barry, Dorzi, Mark, Vi
Thanks to:- Alex, Barry, Chris, Dorzi, Mark, Vi
Greetings to: Alex, Barry, Chris, Dan, David, David, Dorzi, Ian, John, Julie, Mark, Mark, Mark, Tracy, Vi