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ADV Site Maker

Tile Selector


The Screen

the screen is used to view the changes made on a site, the triangles at the sides may be used to navigate around the site, pressing the left mouse button on a triangle will move the screen in that direction by 1 square and by ten for the right mouse button

The Tile Selector
the tile selector is used to select tiles for drawing with, note some of the tiles are tops of other sprites, you may use these as sunken doors, etc the arrows at the right and left of the tile selector are used to navigate it, pressing on the arrows with the left mouse button will increase or decrease the tile by one place, while using the right will jump several tiles, you may select a tile you can see on the selector by pressing the left mouse button on it. under the tile is a discription of what type of tile it is. Note some tiles are illegal to place and may cause the site to crash if placed!

Menu Items

Max 020
Max is the number of squares that the site spans, the default is 20, or a full area as seen on the screen. the ranges are 20 to 90 you can increase this by pressing the left mouse button over this number and decrease by the right mouse button.

Floor 175
this is the tile used as the floor, you may alter it by selecting a different floor tile then clicking on Floor with your mouse to change the setting

replace is used to replace any placed tile in the site with another tile, you select the tile you wish to replace then press on replace with the left mouse button, then select a new tile for the old tile to be replaced with and press on the 'Repl ## with' to replace that tile.

Draw Box
this will draw a box using the currently selected tile, press on Draw Box, a prompt at the bottom of the screen will tell you to Select Box start point, press the left mouse button where you wish the box to start, thew prompt will change to Select Box End point, use the left mouse button to select this, then you wait while the box appears.

this option allows you to save a Lair as eather a temp file or as an ADVenture location, you may find the correct site name by using the
VIEW MAP option below, upon selection of this option a file output box will appear, just type in it's temp name or a valid ADV site name as described in VIEW MAP, sitemaker will ask you for both a .ADV and a .SAV filename, just leave the two the same as ADVenture requires both for a valid site. most people will use the site name of S011100 as a temp site name where S=Site, 01=X, 11=Y & 00=Level, use -9 to 10 for level codes., this will overwrite the site at this location, but it's easy to find, it's the keep directly above the starting town. when the site has been fully tested, a correct site location should be found and the site Saved there.

Site is Dark/Light
this telly you if you will need light to see inside this site, if it says Dark, you'll need light, if not you won't.

Way Into Level
this is an important menu item, as it defines where you start the level. after pressing this button a prompt will appear on the bottom of the screen saying Way into level from wilderness, click on the map where you want the character to appear when they enter the level from the wilderness, this will only happen upon entering level 0 of the site.

Monster MONT
this is the Monster list creation tool. upon pressing this option you will be greated with a new screen.

Place Object
this option leads to the place objects menu.

this option leads to the triggers menu.

Name Site
this allows you to name the level of the site, this will appear breifly as a character enters the site, and will change once the site is named.

Place Monsters
this leads to the place monsters menu.

these options are used to load/Save just the Object, Monster and Item data files

Way in From Below
as way into level except used when entering a level from one below.

Way in From Above
as way into level except used when entering a level from one Above.

Load Site
this will prompt you with a file selector then load both .ADV and .SAV files for a site.

you will be prompted, are you sure, if you say yes, the site will be cleared of objects, tiles, monsters and triggers.

this option leads to the game map view screen, first a count of the existing ADVenture sites is made then the map will be display'd.

the map can be navigated by pointing and clicking the right mouse button, this will centre the tile under the mouse, the '?' key may be used to find the .ADV & .SAV site location name. and 'ESC' to quit back to the Site Maker mail menu.


this allows you to select an .LDT, an ADV Line Data File there is a .LDT maker tool included call'd Pshape.prg, this will create and edit .LDT files, they are the pictures used while entering a level.

allows you to exit Site Maker, it will ask you if you are sure?

Char 000

his telly you the number of the currently selected tile.