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You can Download the PC Character Generator, but the Char Data will more than likely
change so don't expect the characters to be loadable from this version.

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A version of the PC Site Maker is now available, there are still a few things needing doing, but you can get the Idea.. Please Note for the SiteMaker you need the VB5 Dll's If you do not own VB5 or are unsure if you have the VB5 Dll's, download the Chalice SiteMaker Setup, if you have downloaded the full install earlier or you have the VB5 Dll's just download the Chalice Site Maker. Chalice Character Generator is a C++ program and as such is self contained. Both need DirectX 6 or later to run.


  Old Chalice Character Generator (119K) Updated 20/05/1998 The Old Char generator. No Dll's required.
  Chalice SiteMaker Source Code
V 1.00.0155
(1,401K) Updated
by popular request I have released the VB6 source code for Chalice SiteMaker, you will need the DirectX 6 tlb's from, Old URL: seems to be dead
  Chalice SiteMaker
V 1.00.0170
(1,488K) Updated 16/08/2000 Latest Full Info. No VB6 Dll's Included
If you've got VB6 or have previously used the Chalice SiteMaker Setup download this Version.
  Chalice SiteMaker Setup
V 1.00.0053
(2,215K) Updated 29/06/1998 Full Install Including VB6 Dll's (Older Version)
(you'll have to download the Chalice SiteMaker to get the latest version.)

Chalice SiteMaker V 1.00.0170, a few bug fixes including quite a major error in the Decryption Algorithm, plus quite a bit of coordinating
SiteMaker with the new Chalice Character Generator (on the way), including additional Runes and options on the Objects menu. quite a bit of work has been carried out on tying the object designer in with the trade skills for the game, including a hole host of new objects. Additional monster resistance's and weaknesses, monster Light now work, Secondary and Tertiary special effects switches have been added allowing you to turn off non essential FX and slight randomness has been added to FX spread and Death Time giving a more realistic look, FX created while another FX moves have been added for such things as smoke trails etc.

Chalice SiteMaker V 1.00.0153, at 1st sight not much appears to have changed but the implementation of the Day, Night and Inside light Levels + flicker and Illuminated Objects, (To see, go to FX, set to indoor site, modify the light level to about 30 load the stock FX. To see them in action run the map...:) (Monster/tile illumination on the way...) also the abilities of:- Infravision (R), Ultravision (G) and Aquavision (B) for races & spells have now been covered in the code. Further compatibility with RGB555 & 565 graphics cards, an error trap for trapping Direct Sound Errors, allowing Chalice SiteMaker to run while Direct Sound is in use by CD or MP3 Players, etc. slight speeding up of the alpha blending, and the usual bug splats.

Chalice SiteMaker V 1.00.0144, ADVDLL now supports RGB555 Graphic cards as well as RGB565 cards, an annoying bug with the Alpha Blending level of sprites & the cut / Paste function has been found & squished. Some more graphics have been added, the FX Editors have been improved & a few known bugs removed

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0139, Now you can Alter Monster, Object and Fx Data to be stored with triggers. There are a few bugs in the Trigger editors (if you click next, new or previous you may get unexpected results...:)

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0134, a few bug's fixed, including a bug with the smart draw (the tiles didn't place correctly). a rewrite of several routines didn't increase execution but decreased file size (Oh well can't have it all...:) some of the Trigger information may be entered. The inclusion of an Original Music Track for use in towns by:- Nathan Satherley and a rubbish intro by me.
both the Monsters and Triggers are now saved along with the map data and the error associated with not placing objects and or fx & saved map data has been found and squished...

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0123, bug fixes, the Monster Editor is more or less completed. the Object Editor has been reworked so the Runes are visible all at the same time, Quick Selection now shows the animated sprites. most sound icons can now be right clicked on to hear the selected sound. the Monster, Object & FX's selector now shows the sprite of the selection. the Object & Monster you are editing is now highlighted for ease of location. the DLL now has an Alpha Blender sub that highlights RGB16(0,0,1) with a specified colour, It's called with hABlit (same as ABlit but with a Long added to the end as the RGB16 value.)

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0116, bug fixes, I've found the error causing the non compile of optimized code so it's back to a Big but faster .exe, you can now place a .Mid (Midi) file in the SoundPath.ini and this will be played repeatedly. the objects now have a few more runes, the overall speed has been improved, I've rewritten several of the core routines, the .dll now has a few more functions although most are Chalice specific and will be little or no use to anyone else. I've put a few non Clipped versions of the blit functions in the Dll, prefixed nc, why clip if it's not going anywhere near the edge...:). The weather FX have been improved and speeded up a little as well as a Fog effect added. you can now place monsters on the map, as well as assign some of there characteristics. the Tiles can now do damage to characters so you can have lava etc. they can also have a transparency value so you can make glass walls etc. you can now use Quick sprite selection on Animation & IQ assignments.

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0099, the usual bug fixes. don't let the smaller .exe fool you, I can no longer compile the code with
optimizations, only P-Code... I'll try to fix this for the next upload.. the big change in this one is the inclusion of an AlphaBlit in my Dll.
you can see this straight away on the cursor, look at the FX, they now have a Transparency level, also the basic weather types have been improved, they will be optimized later. just try activating Rain with Lightning.

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0084, the usual bug fixes. a small speed increase, the FX editor is just about finished. you can link FX to the creation of an FX as well as it's death, just load the Stock FX and have a look at DoomBall or FireBall to get an idea of the sort of things you can do with this... you can now view the Vector a moving FX will travel along. A Draw & Plot routine has now been added to the .DLL Basic Site weather FX (Rain / Snow) have been added. thanks to Nick White for supplying some new building meshes.

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0072, a couple of bug fixes. with the latest additions the FX editor is about 90% finished. thanks to John Moeller for his Explosive graphics. You Can now use Explosive special FX as well as stipulate a direction in degrees and a speed for an FX, also if the Explosive effect is going to return toward the casters. If you haven't already try running the map & destroying some trees or fences...:-)

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0070, as usual several bugs have been fixed. The Special FX Editor is now about 80% complete, you can link FX's to the destruction of a sprite or another FX, FX's can now be set to bounce on impact with the floor or sprite, disappear or create an object on there destruction. some quite complex FX chains can be set up to say have an FX fly through the air, looking like a flask, have a small bounce factor so the FX bounces before disappearing, create a linked FX of a timed pool of oil, that when it disappears creates a Timed fire that when it disappears creates a broken oil flask... have fun..

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0062, several bugs have been fixed, some from bugs from the very beginning unfound till now. the FX editor still needs quite a bit of work but you are able to test moving FX's as well as an early version of running te map, to test for errors, or to just see what it will look like. on running a map, the data will be altered so be sure to save your maps before testing. FX will now destroy both Destroyable Objects and tiles. the bug disallowing you to increase the map has been corrected. Quick selector has now been added to the normal sprite editor. the number of sprites a backpack object are made of has been increased to 8. numerous other tweaks and corrections.

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0053, several bugs have been fixed, the FX editor is about Half finished, you can now select sprites with a Quick Selector that shows you thumb nails of the sprites, the Objects editor has a few new options, including a backpack data editor, now you can define the backpack graphics of your objects. the drawing routines have been speeded up again, the inclusion of broken object data and numerous tweaks.

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0038, several bugs have been fixed, the Graphics Bank Designer now allows you to define if a graphic can be made transparent or not, also you can now define Smart Draw Data, if a Graphic is defined as having Smart Draw Data you can draw with Smart Draw on the Map. Graphics are now able to have Open able and Closable properties these may be defined and set to open or closed on the map. Map Save Data now uses a compression routine that decreases .Map file size's, the DLL now has a number of DX components as follows:- HLine, VLine, Box, Cls2, KPut, MPut, RGB16, SPut, & TPut.
Chalice Site Maker uses these extensively to do the DirectX Graphic's on Screen. If anyone is interested in using this DLL in there own progs, drop me a line and I'll E-Mail you the Declaration Info, If I get a big enough response I may start a DLL Page.

Chalice SiteMaker Version 1.00.0022, several bugs that have been reported to me have been fixed, the Graphics Bank Designer now allows you to Drag & Drop a Box as well as the normal control's the overall speed has been increased by rewriting several Subs. a Dll (written in VC++) is now included with the .ZIP. as of yet only one of the DLL's funcs work, the RGB16(Red, Green, Blue) to access this function use the following code :-

Public Declare Function RGB16 Lib "ADVDLL" Alias "_RGB16@12" (ByVal Red As Byte, ByVal Green As Byte, ByVal Blue As Byte) As Long

Place the above line in you're declarations then use a line like :-

Colour = RGB16(100,50,70)

the way the floor tiles work has been reworked in this .exe .Map files are now smaller and Version No'd screen redraws are faster and a few bugs are fixed.

Site Maker Now Includes the Object Editor, and a few Stock Objects. the Objects, and Bank data is now Version Numbered, so any further additions should be compatible with this data.