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Skill explanations. All skills are rolled by taking there average statistic.
Eg. If you want to find out a bow skill, look at the creatures DEX rating and use that.
These are not a characters starting stats, they represent the average stat a creature has, non player Heroes may have a lot higher, or lower as the GM desires.
The specials, abilities/defenses/attacks are not used by players, they may be given as hero skills by the GM. But may not if the GM gets another idea when the character is generated.

Specials: creatures with special abilities, will be more likely to use that type of ability in a given situation than not, Eg. a creature with a Magic affinity will be more likely to be a magic using creature than other creatures without this ability, other abilities may be such as Hero Skills.
Immunities are unaffected by that type of effect / magic / damage etc.
breath weapons use there DEX as the stat to hit.
Magic Use able to cast spells, Offensive, Defensive or Misc.
-? Row Hide are natural Armour types these may be added to by wearing other armours
Powers able to use Powers, Offensive, Defensive or Misc.



This is by no means a full list of monsters and or creatures, if you think of anything else just E-Mail me Deadly@Clara.Net and I may put it in too.
there is room on the monster descriptions for pictures of the monsters, these may or may not get put in depending on the size of this web site.