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Dimensional Travel

Dimensional travel can be a very useful tool in SSKiller, it can also be very confusing to the players, the thing is not everything works from dimension to dimension, some dimensions have totally different physical and magic rules to the SSKiller world, in some dimensions gravity will work in a different way, say rain falls upwards off the ground or something similar.

Actual dimensional travel is done through dimension gates, sometimes by dimension door spells, sometimes you will know you've traveled to a different dimension sometimes you won't. If a spell user opens a dimensional portal, most of the time they are opening a portal to a known location, but it is possible to open dimensional gateways to a dimension the portal opener has never been to, just herd about.
Eg. the spell caster wants to go to a dimension where this strange device he has found will work, he casts his spell and succeeds, the swirling whirlpool opens leading to a different dimension, however all the spell caster knows is the object there are holding will work there. the rests up to the GM.

Common Dimensions

see Time Travel.

take a cartoon, any cartoon, the laws of toon work here, however, players still loose lives as normal as they aren't toons themselves.

Not technically a dimension but the effects may be found in a number of different dimensions, demon like creatures walking around torturing lesser creatures, burning lava pits, you get the idea.

Well not realy heaven, but a good likeness for any but the players, no weapons work here of any sort, nobody dies or can be killed, nothing to do except play the harp, Yawn!

Effect Dimensions
these dimensions are sought after for there specific effects, say you can die but are resurrected every morning, wounds heal at an accelerated speed, time flows backwards compared to your normal dimension, etc.

Mirror Dimensions
these are dimensions that are so close to your home dimension they even have versions of you walking about in them, these versions may be more or less successful than you, just watch "Sliders" for some ideas.

Pocket Dimensions
these are very small dimensions, some you can throw a rock in one direction and it will go all the way around and hit you in the back, these are commonly used in the production of bags of holding, etc. some Heroes may even have there own pocket dimensions with rooms, castles, asteroids, etc., in them. These are commonly warded from accidental visitors.

there are many more dimensions, anything you can think of may happen in a different dimension, if you know how and where to look, but there is one rule, nothing may be brought back that would unbalance the SSKiller world for more than a number of years.
Eg. if the players manage to find an Item, say a Challenger II Tank, that works in the SSKiller world, if the players bring it back to the SSKiller world, it will break down and cease to work within a year, and nothing the players can do will stop this, also if the players bring another one through, that one will also not work, the SSKiller dimension has changed to preserve its balance.

Dimensional travel can be fun for powerful characters, and a nightmare for less powerful ones.
As usual if you have any ideas you can always E-Mail me and they may be put in.