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Planes Travel

Planes travel may at first seem like dimensional travel, sure you can find different dimensions that emulate the known planes, but they aren't them. the planes represent the elemental forces of the SSKiller world. Note there are rather more elemental forces in SSKiller than you'd first think.

Common Planes

Plane of Air
This plane represents the elemental plane of air, it consists of large arching bridges, clouds, etc. a player if they fall of a cloud or bridge may fall forever. anything that spends most of it's time in the air may be found here, birds are very common as is the little reminders they leave behind, this plane has also earned the nickname of 'the plane of flying shit'.

Plane of Fire
This represents the elemental plane of fire, it consists of rock spires & bridges, lava and flames, fire gems, etc., anyone falling from a bridge will most likely fall into a pool of burning lava, creatures that are immune to fire will be found here in abundance. Not a place to go for your holidays.

Plane of Water
This represents the elemental plane of water, the air is thick and damp, it consists of sea beds, wrecked ships with there treasure, seaweed, coral, etc., anyone wandering from the paths better be able to breath water or drown. any creature that lives in water, salt or fresh are found here. any liquids may be found here lying in pools.

Plane of Earth
The representation of the elemental plane of earth, it consists of caves, caverns, tunnels, passages, etc., all looking like natural caverns and few look constructed, any creature that spends it's time primarily underground may be found here, as can any treasures found underground.

Sub Planes
Sub planes represent other elemental planes, such as:- the elemental plane of custard, the elemental plane of wood, the elemental plane of single socks, etc.

Demon Plane
this place is a closely guarded domain, enter at your own peril, demons take all forms, shapes and sizes, in there home Plane they are vulnerable to attack, and death. the plane looks quite like a large sprawling city, covering the entire plane, concrete stone, glass are everywhere the eye can see, as well as large lava jet type fountains and grotesque living statues. Not a nice place for a holiday.

there are many planes of existence, just about anything you can think of can be an elemental plane, that is if it exists in the SSKiller world, so the elemental plane of Treebow the Elf is a possible elemental plane, this would consist of thousands of Treebows from his youngest self through to him as an ancient Elf, everything he ever had in his life would be found there as would every monster he ever met. most of the time it's a good idea to avoid personal elemental planes as they can be quite nasty places, especially if there adventurers planes.
Note anything brought back from an elemental plane is usable within the dimension the elemental plane was reached from, such items follow the same rules as other items if they are removed from there home dimension.