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More Rules

this section clarifies rules and states lesser known rules.

Ring of Nine Lives
every Player / Hero has a ring of nine lives, when a player begins adventuring they will have 6 charges. later on in the adventure if they find a High Level Magic / Power user, usually in a Shop, or Temple and give over 1,000 Gold pieces, they can charge 1 life up to 9 into there ring. the Ring of Nine Lives can't be charged to greater than 9 lives, some NPC (Non Player Characters) mainly Gods and lesser Gods have more than 9 lives, but no player character will ever.

Loosing a Life
when Players loose a life they are jumped out of immediate danger by there Ring of Nine Lives, there ring will pick the closest safe location, so if they fall into Lava there ring will jump them out of the lava, if there are a lot of angry Ogres at one side of the lave the ring will jump the other way, if there a lot of angry Orc's on the other side of the lave the ring will jump up to the edge of the volcano. if this is clear the ring will regenerate the player there, "Whing!" however there may not be a way down from this ledge. the ring isn't bothered about that, just that your safe where it regenerates you.

Equipment & Loosing a life
your equipment is safe, when you loose a life your equipment is transported with you to the new location, its not left behind, and if you die a horrible burning death in lava for instance your equipment is still OK. its not smoldering metal.

a Player / Hero only really dies when all there lives have been removed from there ring and they die and are not resurrected. at this time all there equipment that has not been Willed, disappears, there equipment is scattered over the SSKiller world, and can be retrieved by adventuring, if the other players want to go to that trouble. Some NPC's equipment will not scatter and may be pillaged.

a will is a piece of paper, a Player or Hero writes, bequeathing there equipment, gold and other worldly goods to a person or persons. without a will the Ring of Nine Lives will scatter any dying Player / Hero's equipment over the SSKiller world.

Is gained during SSKiller if you do something very funny and at the end of a session, at the end of a session all players and the GM write down who they think was the funniest player during the session these are then given to the GM who will add them up and choose who has got the most votes, he will then give that person an extra 2 experience point, and the next highest person or all if there isn't one an extra 1 point. players should get about 4 experience points per session unless it's a very long or short session then the experience points should be reduced or increased accordingly, but never less than 1 or greater then 6, 6 shouldn't be given every session but only on occasion, the bonus points do not count toward this 6.

Spending Experience
You may spend experience in SSKiller to increase your skills, this is done on a skill point cost bases, so if your Swords Skill is at 5 it will cost you 5 points to raise it to 6, all your skills are automatically at there skill bases, so if a player with STR Base or 4 has spent no experience on his Sword Skill it will cost him 4 points to raise it to 5.

Raising Stats
This should happen only very rarely, and should as a rule be restricted to Items, that is if the player wears this pare of gloves the item will raise there STR Stat from its normal level to its normal level plus 5, thus while the player wears the gloves they must recalculate there Skill Bases, and if it has risen, there Skills will rise by that amount. These Items should be restricted to very powerful artifacts, and should not be able to be purchased.

The Purple Void

Sometimes a new player want's to join in a game in the middle of an adventure or a player couldn't get to the last session and has been left behind. If this occurs here a job for the Purple Void, this is a pulsating purple hole, the void chases a character if they run, you can't get away from the purple void!, when the void reaches the character it sweeps over them and they are transported to the location of the other players, however there may be a price to pay, if the player transported has more than 3 lives left the player rolls 4D if the roll falls within 4 to 19 subtract 1 or 3 to18 that location receives a Destroyed result, if the location is the Head (1) or the Torso (8-12) then that player looses a life, otherwise that player just looses that limb, its left behind. The Purple Void is a very useful thing it saves the player time and also it allows new players to join an already existing game, it can also bring players that are lost or going in totally the wrong direction back to a point you want them to be at

Purple Gates
Very similar to a purple void in nature, they transport the player entering to another location, however unlike a void there is no danger of injury, these gates while not a common as voids are useful in taking players somewhere you want them to be.

Gold and Treasure
the world of SSKiller is on the hole a rich one, that is not to say the things in it are rich, some of them are, some of them are immensely rich, and the players will try to get that way, be it by adventuring, stealing or trading, as the GM it's your job to make adventures interesting and profitable, the players after the adventure should have enough riches to replace any lives lost during that adventure plus a bit to purchase better equipment. That may seem to be a very rough guide but well it is. Eg. if your players loose 2 lives they should find treasure to at least 2,000 Gold plus say another 1,000 or so, if your players don't buy lives with the 2,000 that's up to them.