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this is a basic list of items in the SSKiller world, there are many items a player will want to buy, if you cant find what you want here, just make up a price quickly so you can get on with the game, then later E-Mail Me at Deadly@Clara.Net and I'll see about adding the item to the list.

Auto Darter 4 Cross Bows 50 A hand held Cross Bow firing Small Darts
Darts 4 Thrown 1 A thrown Dart or Ammunition for the Auto Darter.
Knife 5 Swords 3 A Kitchen Knife
Gauntlet 5 Unarmed 5 A Mailed Gauntlet or Glove
Knuckle dusters 5 Unarmed 5 Spiked Knuckle Protectors
Dagger 6 Swords 4 A Boot Knife or Dagger
Club 6 Clubs 0 A Lump of Wood, may be found on forest floors
Short Bow 6 Bows 20 A Short Hunting Bow
Thrown Arrow 6 Thrown 2 Ammunition for all types of Bows
Shuriken 6 Thrown 5 A small sharply spiked throwing star
Staff 6 Pole Arms 0 A long Piece of Wood taken from a tree branch
Hammer 6 Hafted 10 A metalworking Hammer
Spiked Gauntlet 6 Unarmed 15 A Spiked mail Gauntlet or Glove
Spiked Club 7 Clubs 5 A Club with nails in it
Hand Axe 7 Hafted 15 A light axe
Mace 8 Hafted 20 A stick with a weighted ball on the end
Short Sword 8 Swords 25 A Short fighting sword
Morning Star 8 Hafted 25 A stick with a chained spiked ball on the end of it
Broad Sword 9 Swords 35 A Broad bladed short fighting sword
Scimitar 9 Swords 30 A Curved blade short fighting sword
Javelin 9 Thrown 20 A medium length throwing Spear
Long Bow 9 Bows 45 A Long Hunting Bow
Woodman’s Axe 9 Hafted 30 A Medium sized Woodcutters Axe
Sledge Hammer 9 Hafted 35 A short hafted heavy metal headed hammer
Battle Axe 10 Hafted 40 A double sided fighting axe
Battle Hammer 10 Hafted 45 A medium length heavy metal headed hammer
Long Sword 10 Swords 45 A long bladed fighting sword
Spear 10 Pole Arms 40 A medium length fighting spear
Cross Bow 10 Cross Bows 55 A short range powerful cross bow
War Hammer 11 Hafted 50 A long hafted heavy metal headed hammer
War Axe 11 Hafted 45 A long hafted heavy double headed axe
Katana 11 Swords 60 A long thin strengthened steel fighting sword
2 Handed Sword 11 Swords 100 A large two handed fighting sword
Lance 11 Pole Arms 120 A long pointed lance for use on a horse
Halberd 11 Pole Arms 110 A long Axe headed staff
Lucern Hammer 11 Pole Arms 130 A long Pointed Hammer headed staff
Super Swishem Swashem 12 Swords * 1,500 A Magical Two Handed Sword
Priest Smite 12 Hafted * 2,000 A Magical War Hammer
Priest Hack 12 Hafted * 1,550 A Magical War Axe
SSS Hackem Slashem 13 Swords * 3,500 A Very Magical Two Handed Sword
God Smite 13 Hafted * 3,000 A Very Magical War Hammer
God Cleave 13 Hafted * 3,550 A Very Magical War Axe
Ballistae 17 Activating Things 10,000 A Large Siege Cross Bow, usually fixed on battlements
Catapult 17 Activating Things 10,000 A Large Siege Catapult, usually fixed on battlements

* Magical weapons


Name Armour
Gold Description
Leather Armour -1 100 Hardened Leather Armour, with or without metal studding
Chain Mail Armour -2 300 Small rings or scales of metal forming a flexible coat
Plate Mail Armour -3 1,000 Metal Plates, joined together over a chain coat
Dragon Mail Armour * -4 10,000 A Magical Plate Mail made from the hide of a dead dragon.

* Magical Armour


Name Roll
Buckler -1 30 A small fist sized shield
Small Shield -2 50 A small wooden Shield
Medium Shield -3 200 A Medium metal Shield
Large/Wall Shield -4 500 A Large Man sized Shield

Adventurer Gear

Name Gold Description
Back Pack 5 A leather or cloth back pack
Sack 2 A cloth sack
Small Pouch 5 a small belt pouch
Large Pouch 10 a large belt pouch
Rope 15 50' of hemp rope break on 3 or 4
Silk Rope 30 50' of strong silk rope break on a 3
Tinder Box 5 Flint, steel & paper
Torch 1 a stick with a tard end, will last 1 hour
Lamp 25 an oil lamp
Oil 2 Oil for an oil lamp, the oil will last 4 hours
Cloak 5 a rain cloak
Shirt 3 a cloth shirt
Pants 5 some cloth pants
Pony 20 a small riding pony
Horse 100 a normal riding horse
War Horse 500 a trained war horse, more intelligent and stronger than a normal horse.
Mule 15 a pack mule
Saddle & tackle 50 Saddle, saddle bags, bit & bridle

Living Stuff

Name Gold Description
An Apple 1 bag of 4 apples
a basic meal 1 plate of stew & 1 pint of Ale
a good meal 2 a plate of stew & Veg, apple pie & 1 pint of Cider
a rich meal 5 a plate of meat & Veg, apple pie, 1 pint of Cider + 1 glass of wine
Beer 1 3 Pints of Beer
Ale 1 3 Pints of Ale
Cider 1 2 Pints of Cider
cheap Wine 5 a bottle of cheap wine
expensive Wine 10 a bottle of good wine
Nights rest 1 1 night in the common room of an Inn
a room 3 1 nights rest in a single room, includes basic meal
an expensive single room 10 1 nights rest in a posh double room, includes good meal
the best suite 50 1 nights rest in the kings double suite, includes rich meal