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Misc powers in SSKiller are any power that are used not to damage or protect a target.
The powers listed below are not a full list of SSKiller powers, if a player wishes to use a power that is not listed below the GM should decide upon a difficulty by comparing the powers below.

Note. Where duration is unspecified the power last until the end of the current combat, or until the end of the next within 24 hours.

Easy Misc Powers: Double Skill

Minor Food Creation
the user of this power can create a small amount of food, just enough to fit in a closed hand, such as a hand of nuts, etc., this food is normal every day food, no magical food can be created in this manner
Minor Liquid Creation
the user of this power can create a cup full of liquid, the liquid is of a plane variety, no complex tastes. the liquid is non poisonous or magical, so water, plane white wine, plane ale, etc., are allowable. Note bar tenders may not be too pleased of any using this power in there establishments.
Detect Undead
the user of this power can tell if there are any undead in there immediate vicinity, they will get an uneasy feeling from the direction of the undead.
Detect Poison
the user of this power can by placing the liquid, food etc., under there hands, tell if the stuff has any type of non magical poison in or on it, they can't tell what type or strength the poison is.
Detect Bad
the user of this power can tell if a normal non poisoned non magical foodstuff will have a bad effect if eaten, such as a bowl of stew made with meat that has gone off, etc.

Normal Misc Powers: Normal Skill

Locate Magic
the user of this power can sense the presence of magic in the area, they have a rough idea of the direction of the magic and distance to it.
What Poison
the user of this power can tell the exact type and strength of a poison also they will know the antidote if any exists.
Cure Wound
the user of this power may cure 1 Wound level on themselves or on a target touched.
Create Water
the user of this power can call fourth an amount of water equivalent to 2 or three buckets of water, the water will appear where the user indicates, even in mid air. Locate Animals
the user of this power can detect the presence of animals in the vicinity, giving there rough direction and distance to them although no idea what the animal is, for the purposes of this power an animal is any creature, animal or supernatural creature.
Detect Plants
the user of this power can locate any single stated plant in a given area, the power gives a rough direction and distance to the said plant.
Mimic Easy Misc Spell
the user of this power can mimic the effects of a single Easy Misc Spell.

Hard Misc Powers: Half Skill


this power is used to calm, stop anger or panic in a target or the user, the power may be used to boost a Don't Panic skill or be used to automatically calm a non hero target.
Create Food
the user of this power is able to call forth any normal non magical type of food, such as roast chicken, the quantity of this food is about as much to feed two or three people, the food is normal food and will go off as normal.
Liquid Creation
the user of this power is able to create a quantity of any normal non magical liquid, the liquid can be flammable or alcoholic etc., the quantity is about 2 to 3 buckets full, and may be created where indicated by the user.
Purify Food or Water
the user by placing there hands over food or water may purify or remove poisons from the substance, the substance then becomes safe to eat or drink.
by the use of this power the user can call upon greater knowledge than there own, they may ask one simple question, that question may then be answered by the GM as cryptically or simply as they desire, Eg. Q."is this door trapped?", A."the ways of entry are all perilous if due attention is not followed." or A."Yes".
Detect Enchantment
the power user may by this powers use find the number of Enhancements on a given single object and be told the most basic or simple ones.
Find Traps
the user of this power can detect the presence of traps in front of them for 20 minutes or so, the traps appear to be outlined in red to the power user.
Speak with Animals
the power user can by use of this power speak the tongue of any single target animal, the language is usually a series of grunts, oink's or snorts, the caster can communicate with that animal and if persuaded the user can find out anything the animal knows.
Mimic Normal Misc Spell
by use of this power the user can mimic the effects of any Normal Misc Spell.

Very Hard Misc Powers: Quarter Skill

Control Weather
by use of this power the user is able to control the effects of weather, changing the weather by small degrees, so if the day is fine and sunny, they may make clouds appear, if there are clouds make it overcast, if its overcast make it rain, if its raining make it throw it down, etc.
the user of this power is able to commune with greater powers, usually a god, Demon or some other power, the commoner can ask one simple question, this question will be answered by a vision of the future, the vision may not be accurate, but should portray the most likely event if the question accurse. Eg. "what will happen if I open this door?".. Vision: the player see's a ring rolling around on the floor. because there is a poison needle trap on the handle.
Permanent Light
the user creates a permanent light source, the source may be picked up and carried around, hidden in which case so will the light be, the object the light is cast upon can be anything, it may be even cast upon a person, if any part of there skin is visible so is the light. the most common object a continual light is cast upon are coins.
this power allows a user to regenerate there own body, over an hour they may regenerate any number of wounds including destroyed ones, they can heal 1 wound level per minute, so after 2 wounds are healed they may move an incapacitate down to a wound, 4 for a kill to an incapacitate, etc.
Cure Poison
the user is able to neutralize the poison either in there own bodies or in others, these poisons must be normal, and can range from deadly, if very quick to non deadly ones.
the user of this power has the ability to cure any non destroyed results, upon there or another's bodies.
Cure Disease
the user can cure any non magical disease on them or another.
Cure Blindness
the user is able to cure blindness, the target must have there eyes, else they must be regenerated with Limb regeneration below, once cast the spell restores sight to the target or the user.
Cure Deafness
the user is able to restore hearing to a target or themselves.
Speak with Plants
the user is able to speak with plants, gain knowledge of those passing etc., or if the plant is intelligent like most trees, hold a conversation with one.
Raise Undead
the user is able to raise undead creatures, the creature type must first be specified, the creature must have an BRA and CHR of less than the user, an undead thus raised will obey the power user. Note the power user may only raise there BRA stat number in undead creatures and still retain control of them..
Stone Pass
the user is able to pass through solid non magical stone, the power lasts 3 minutes so they best be out of the stone by then or Whing.
Stone to Flesh
Sometimes your pals get turned to stone, normally this will mean they die, but if the user states they are attempting this power as the unlucky target gets stoned (No pun intended) and are successful the person doesn't loose a life. also sometimes its necessary to free someone whose been stoned in an adventure. this power is how to do it.
Water Walk
the user may walk on the surface of water, without getting wet.
Part Water
the user here makes a rather passable mosses impression, a body of water, will part, allowing people to walk across the bed of the water, this will only last a few minutes, and as the spell is wearing out, the GM will tell the players the water is getting closer, until it finally collapses in on them.
Mimic Hard Misc Spell
by use of this power the user can mimic the effects of any Hard Misc Spell.

Extremely Hard Misc Powers: Eighth Skill

Time Door
this doesn't really open a door in time, rather it opens a portal to another dimension of higher or lower technology level, at the user choice, the user may open doors to any known time dimension, or just take pot luck. See GM's Time Travel.
Speak with Dead
the user of this power is able to speak with the dead, they must have a part of the body they wish to speak with, once they have successfully spoken with this person the spell becomes 1 level easier to speak with that person again. the person is like any other except there dead, so they are not compelled to tell the truth or even answer the questions asked, the players will have to Con or Bride or some other means of persuasion. Note threatening the dead is mainly pointless.
Remove Curse
the user is able to temporarily remove 1 enhancement on a given object, the enhancement is removed for 24 hours before returning.
Regenerate Limb
as Regeneration only the user is able to target another to be regenerated.
see Wish Offensive Spells
Raise Dead
the user of this power is able to either restore 1 life to a life ring that has been lost within the last few minutes or raise a character who has lost there last life within 1 day, this power may only be used to restore 1 life, and if successful the user and recipient will be at half skill for the next 24 hours.
Mimic Very Hard Misc Spell
by use of this power the user can mimic the effects of any Very Hard Misc Spell.