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SSKiller is a role playing game of the silly kind.
many a happy hour has been spent traipsing around dungeons and getting killed.
In SSKiller the players get a ring of nine lives, this ensures the players survive unless, they are very stupid, don't want there characters or the GM gets nasty.
SSKiller is broken up into several documents for browsing / downloading, some are still under construction.

If you have any suggestions or interesting stories of your adventures in SSKiller, E-Mail me and you never know, I may include your stuff too.

E-Mail Me (David Robert Pemberton) at : Deadly@Clara.Net

The Home of SSKiller & ADV Fantasy Role Playing games, free to download from this site, please feel free to distribute these html's and downloads to your friends, I retain all Copyrights to the material, thanks to Baz, Vi, Dorzi , Alex, Mark & Stu. Also thanks to Chriss. Thanks for your interest, feel free to drop me an E-Mail at the above address.....